FAQ 1: What is ACC Archerytimer?

ACC Archerytimer is a software package giving you access to an extensive signal light which can be used for archery tournament or doing practice.

FAQ 2: Can ACC be used in competitions?

The answer is simple: Yes! ACC Archerytimer works perfectly for tournament conditions, which does not mean that the system doesn't work just as good during practice.

FAQ 3: What does ACC stand for?

ACC is an abbreviatron that stands for "Archery Competition Control".

FAQ 4: Can the ACC control real signal lights similar the traffic lights?

Yes! The archer has access to all needed information via monitors but also by looking at a real signal light.

FAQ 5: ow expensive is ACC Archerytimer?

A license must be purchased to use ACC. There are several license models available that are described in more detail on this page .

FAQ 6: Is there a free trial for ACC Archerytimer?

Generally there is not free version for ACC Archerytimer. If you want to test the system, pleace contact me to recive a testing license which is valid for a couple of weeks.

FAQ 7: Which languages does ACC support?

As of now the ACC can be used in German and English. You find a link to the german website in the footer.

FAQ 8: Who made ACC Archerytimer?

ACC was developed by Arne Hannappel and published by AH! Apps. You find a link to AH! Apps in the footer.

Are you interested?

If you have questions or are interested do not hesitate to contact me!

I have summarized frequently asked questions here.